A bookworm’s tan

When I was an undergrad in college, there was one sight that consistently greeted me at the start of each of my literature classes. The professor would walk into the classroom and head to the front with a novel or small anthology in hand. When this happened, I’d straighten up in my seat and see [...]

Our blessed problem

~ Disclaimer: This essay includes descriptions of the plot of the series Isabel. If you don’t know of the events of the life of Queen Isabella I of Castile or of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and you are interested in watching the series without knowing anything about the plot, I don’t recommend reading this [...]

Nuestro bendito problema

~ Advertencia: Este ensayo incluye descripciones de la trama de la serie Isabel. Si no sabes de los acontecimientos de la vida de la reina Isabel I de Castilla o del rey Fernando II de Aragón y te interesa ver la serie sin saber nada de la trama, no recomiendo que leas este ensayo. ~ [...]